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Customized Bar Neon Signs

Fire Up Your Bar with Custom Neon Bar Signs

Are you managing bars, pubs, or nightclubs well, now display your space with unique neon bar signs like Cheers Neon Sign , just relax neon sign, Bar glass Neon Signs. Make it even more interesting with our “The World Is Yours” Neon Sign.

Hang a Beer Neon Sign in Your Home Bar

Do you want a refined atmosphere, vintage, or a rustic look in your home bar? Grab the neon bar signs for sale from NeonChamp and have the your home bar décor with some of the most breathtaking custom neon bar signs.

Amplify The Liquor Cabinet Look

Friends coming home every other weekend to see and enjoy drinks sitting next to your intriguing liquor cabinet? Now add sparkling view to it by a simple but subtle cheers neon sign and become the talk of the day.

Fish Tank Bar with Cheers Neon Sign

Love to drink like a fish, make the moment even special by beautifying the fish tank bar with special cheers neon sign which you can customize online at NeonChamp in your preferred color and size.

Why NeonChamp

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  • Easy Installation

Love for NeonChamp

See the creativity with custom text neon signs!

How do you make a neon bar sign?

Just visit our website NeonChamp and select the design you like, select the components, colors, fonts, and size. View the final look of your custom bar neon signs and your neon bar sign is ready. Place the order and we will deliver the exact neon signs to your doorstep.

How much does it cost to repair a neon bar sign?

We make neon signs using premium material however still if you are facing any issues with your neon signs, just write us on and our team will get back to you ASAP. The cost to repair neon bar sign depends on the issue you are facing.

How much does a neon bar sign cost?

You can order your neon bar signs for sale at NeonChamp

How do you hang a neon sign on a bar?

All our neon signs come in handy with wall/frame attachment features ensuring you do not face any installation related issues. Want to make it even easier? Choose from different hardware options available at NeonChamp.