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Yoga Neon Sign

Yoga Neon Sign

  • Cool White
  • Pure White
  • Warm White
  • Blue
  • Blue + White
  • Green
  • Green + White
  • Yellow
  • Yellow + White
  • Purple
  • Purple + White
  • Light Purple
  • Orange
  • Orange + White
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow + White
  • Hot Pink
  • Hot Pink + White
  • Girl Pink
  • Deep Pink
  • Ice Blue
  • Ice Blue + White
  • Red
  • Red + White
  • Turquoise
  • Tropical Green
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The Yoga Neon Sign is a tranquil and soothing display designed to evoke a sense of peace and serenity. It typically features soft, calming colors and a design that includes a person's silhouette in a yoga pose or the word "Yoga" presented in a peaceful font. This sign is a perfect addition to yoga studios, meditation rooms, or any area dedicated to relaxation and mindfulness. The gentle, glowing light it emits helps reduce stress and create a serene ambiance that supports the practice of yoga and meditation.

Best Places to Install Yoga Neon Signs
  • Studio Entrance
    Place the "Yoga" neon sign above the main entrance of the yoga studio. It should be high enough to be visible from a distance yet within the sight of someone approaching the door.
  • Reception Area
    Install the sign behind the desk, centered and at eye level. This location ensures visibility for anyone checking in or out of the studio.
  • Main Practice Room
    Position the sign on the front wall of the main practice room, ideally centered and at a height that is visible to all practitioners without being a distraction during practice.
  • Relaxation Zone
    If the studio has a relaxation or meditation area, placing the sign on a feature wall can enhance the calming ambiance. It should be at a moderate height, blending with the serene environment.
  • Outdoor Space
    For studios with outdoor areas used for yoga, mounting the sign on an exterior wall facing the space can be inspiring. It should be placed above head level to ensure visibility and avoid obstruction.
  • Soothing Neon Radiance
    The "Yoga" Neon Sign emits a gentle, calming neon glow that sets the perfect ambiance for your yoga practice. Its soft illumination creates an atmosphere that encourages relaxation, mindfulness, and connection with the inner self.
  • Quality Craftsmanship
    Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this neon sign is made using top-quality neon glass tubing and mounted on a robust acrylic backing. It's designed to provide long-lasting serenity and inspiration.
  • Yoga-Inspired Design
    The design of the neon sign may feature yoga poses, mandalas, lotus flowers, or other elements that evoke the essence of yoga and meditation, enhancing the overall ambiance of your studio.
  • Easy Installation
    Our neon sign comes with pre-drilled holes and includes all the mounting hardware, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Hang it in your studio to instantly enhance the serene yoga environment.
  • Customization Available
    Personalize your "Yoga" Neon Sign by selecting your preferred neon colors to match your studio's decor and create the desired mood.
  • Energy-Efficient
    Despite its soothing glow, this neon sign is energy-efficient, allowing you to maintain a peaceful ambiance without worrying about high energy consumption.

When you buy LED Yoga Neon Sign Lights from NeonChamp, you can expect your order to arrive promptly anywhere in the UK. Whether you choose the rush or standard shipping option, we do our best to get your Neon Signs to you as soon as possible!

To safeguard your delivery, we offer a non-confusing clear refund policy. In addition, you can reach out to us for a full refund if the neon lights are faulty or damaged during transit.

Shipping Details

Unboxing Your Neon Sign Kit

We know you are excited to receive your custom Yoga Neon Sign, which we pack with loads of love. But what’s inside should not be a mystery to you, that is why we uncover all the details.

All the Neon signs that we send are well-equipped with clear acrylic boards having pre-drilled holes and SS mounting screws which makes hanging easy. Also, the neon signs are clubbed with a power cord which you can attach to power adapter. Also, you get an option to adjust the brightness of your custom-made neon sign via a remote controller.

Unboxing Your Neon Sign Kit

Glow Your Neon Sign in Style with NeonChamp


First begin by plugging in the power adapter

Insert the power adapter safely to ensure that the neon light get started as you want


Next, connect the power adapter output to RF Controller

Now that the power adapter is safely inserted it's time to connect the power adapter to RF controller


Now connect RF Controller output to the Neon Connector

Next, connect the RF controller to the neon connector which is a very simple process and won't take much time


Adjust Brightness with remote controller and done.

Set the brightness using a remote controller according to your décor or mood and get it started.

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